What We Build

Building Affordable Housing as a Habitat Affiliate Since 1988

Gwinnett Habitat has constructed 128 houses in Gwinnett County, and made it possible for more than 319 children to consistently attend school year around.

In addition to our work locally, our contribution to the work of Habitat for Humanity International has housed a similar number of families in other countries.

Most of our contribution has been used in Honduras and the Republic of the Congo, where a simple, decent house can be built for about $4,000.

How does Gwinnett Habitat provide affordable housing?

It takes a lot to build affordable housing. First, we constantly seek affordable land and qualified homeowners. We reach out far and wide for donations. We seek sponsors to build our homes in partnership with Gwinnett Habitat and our families.

A home build usually takes place on 10-12 consecutive Saturdays, with teams of approximately 20-25 volunteers working each Saturday.  Then, when the house is finished, the homeowners complete closing documents and move into their new home!  

Each homeowner makes monthly mortgage payments (usually between $500 and $700) to Gwinnett Habitat for Humanity, and these funds are rolled back into building more homes.

If you would like to join us in this endeavor, and provide the foundation for future homeowners, we invite you to learn about our sponsorship opportunities!

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