Sponsor Spotlight

Sponsor Spotlight

"At 12Stone Church we believe we are most like Christ when we give ourselves away to those who are under resourced or marginalized in society. Supporting the Gwinnett County Habitat mission creates stronger families and healthier communities.”

A Partnership Built on Faith – 12Stone Church

12Stone Church is a church that believes in the power of transformation and involving its church members to become change agents in the community by volunteering to serve on compassionate projects. It is this strong commitment that has created a wonderful church partnership between 12Stone Church and Gwinnett Habitat for Humanity since 2004.

Through this partnership, 12Stone Church supports Gwinnett Habitat with financial sponsorship to build homes, church volunteers who are hands-on in the home’s construction and prayer for Gwinnett Habitat and those it serves in the community. So far, 11 amazing homes have been built by 12Stone Church because of faith put into action and a desire to share the love of God.

Habitat’s mission of “seeking to put God’s love into action by bringing people together to build homes, communities and hope,” well aligns with 12Stone’s mission to “inspire life, share life and give life to those in our community.”  12Stone Church believes that the work of Gwinnett Habitat will have a long-term impact on the low-income families being served and greatly improve our communities for the better.

12Stone Church also states that “families are the foundation for our culture, community, and city. As goes the family, so goes the community. Many times more than not, the root causes in the issues of poverty, homelessness, abuse, and neglect stem from brokenness within families.” 

By helping low-income families and giving them a safe, decent and affordable place to live, 12Stone Church and Gwinnett Habitat are transforming the lives of those who are under-resourced or marginalized by society and giving them real hope for the future.

Gwinnett Habitat thanks 12Stone Church for a caring partnership that is truly built on faith and love for others and community.

To learn more about becoming a Habitat Church or business Sponsor, please call our office at 770-931-8080, ext. 15

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